Bear with us that English is not our main language! If some of the statements below are not in perfect English and you don´t understand them fully, make sure to contact us and we can explain them in better detail.


Let’s take education and upbringing seriously

  • We safeguard strong and excellent school work and ensure that each student receives services and instruction according to their needs, e.g. psychological services and Icelandic language teaching for students who speak another language
  • We will improve distance learning facilities at the upper secondary and university levels
  • We promote special education and support in pre-schools and primary schools
  • We work systematically to increase the number of educated staff in preschools by offering exemplary facilities
  • We will renew playground equipment and toys for preschools and primary schools
  • We improve the schools’ arts and vocational facilities and promote programming and innovation
  • We will ensure that the diet in pre-schools and primary schools is always in accordance with the recommendations of the Directorate of Health


Let’s promote tourism!

  • We work with tourism operators with the aim of making the municipality a sought-after destination
  • We want to market the municipality as “Basecamp for South Iceland”
  • We will continue to improve access to and preserve our favorite natural attractions 
  • We will promote the installation of super chargers for electric vehicles
  • We will make sure that the municipality’s website is always up to date as well as information on Wikipedia
  • We will design and build a car wash facility in the summer of 2023


We want to increase the influence of the people

  • Establish neighborhood councils to ensure the best possible impact by residents in their immediate area
  • Promote Democracy – For example, through regular electronic polls
  • Start live broadcasts from local government meetings
  • Improve access to elected representatives with fixed interview times
  • Mobilize the Council of Elders and the Youth Council


We create a good society with an increased quality of life

  • We will make sure that the municipality’s staff is well looked after in terms of work-load and general well-being at work
  • We will examine the need for hiring a human resources manager
  • We will prioritize issues of children and youths when allocating funds
  • We will create the conditions where residents can live at home for as long as possible with proper care
  • We support the development of a quality-of-life center for senior citizens, where homes and services are linked
  • We will assess the accessibility of disabled people to the institutions of the municipality with improvements in mind
  • We safeguard the activities of the health care in the municipality
  • We will make sure that the Lundur Nursing and Residential Home and services for senior citizens are excellent


We support innovation in business, science and culture

  • We will advocate for Landsvirkjun to set up permanent offices in the municipality in parallel with the construction of Hvammsvirkjun
  • We will  develop solutions for jobs regardless of location
  • We will create promotional material to advertise the municipality as an attractive place to live in
  • We will create a solid foundation for strong business development and innovation, e.g. by ensuring a sufficient supply of employment plots
  • We will strive to make the municipality a sought-after option for a more diverse economy
  • We will always be on the look-out for ways to open new doors for more diverse cultural activities, e.g. with the establishment of a cultural fund
  • We support Oddafélag’s ideas for the development and restoration of Oddi as well as preservation of cultural heritage in general.
  • We need to ensure that residents and businesses have a sufficient supply of cold water


Let’s show responsibility in finance management and improve the efficiency of the administration

  • Ensure sound and responsible financial management
  • Open accounting and live broadcasts from municipal council meetings
  • Open up the administration better by making public meeting documents more accessible
  • Use the municipality’s documentation system so that residents can follow the progress of individual cases
  • Improve the municipality’s website to make it more informative, accessible and attractive
  • Ensure moderation in the imposition of fees
  • Shorten communication channels and speed up the processing of inquiries and formal requests
  • Improve municipality purchasing procedures and coordination
  • Reduce housing costs for the elderly
  • Hire a new mayor through an open application process


We plan land with development and construction in mind

  • We will ensure that there is always a sufficient supply of building plots for allocation
  • We focus on starting the construction of already allocated plots in accordance with municipality rules
  • We support the development of diverse housing solutions for first-time buyers
  • We will improve access to information on building and construction permits
  • We support subsidies for the installation of heat pumps in areas where there is no access to geothermal heat
  • Appoint a professional building committee for the construction of the new school building at Hella village
  • We continue to support the idea of ​​”Green Industrial Parks”
  • We want to assist with the marketing of local products from the municipality
  • We safeguard the planning authority held by the municipality on decisions regarding the planning and utilization of the highlands


We create good conditions for the promotion of mental and physical health

  • We will establish a new way for children and adolescents to have easier access to sports and hobbies regardless of income and residence e.g. by establishing a designated fund which all youths have access to.
  • We promote education and prevention against drug use and strengthen the participation and awareness of families in prevention matters
  • We cater for young people, 16 years and older, by operating a youth center that will be developed in consultation with this age group
  • We will appoint a working group that makes proposals for a timed work plan for the future planning of sports areas and recreational activities in consultation with existing sports clubs
  • We want to examine whether it is possible to operate a bus at the county level (across municipality borders) for transporting children in connection with sports and recreational activities
  • We will strive, in consultation with the appropriate stakeholders, for Gaddstaðaflatir area to remain the center of equestrianism in Iceland
  • We will improve the walking and health trail system in Aldamótaskógur in collaboration with Skógræktarfélag Rangæinga


Let’s build a solid infrastructure

  • We strive for greatly improved maintenance of local roads with an emphasis on continued development of Hagabraut, Árbæjarvegur, roads in the lower part of Rangárvellir and a road connection from Þykkvibær to Sandhólaferja
  • We will repair footpaths and sidewalks and sharpen traffic safety issues significantly
  • We will introduce sidewalk markings into traffic planning to increase the safety of pedestrians and cyclists
  • We will develop clear rules for snow removal
  • We aim to install a footbridge on the foundations of the old bridge over Ytri-Rangá at Hella village
  • We support the construction of riding trails and preserve old national roads


Let’s take good care of the environment and nature

  • We will work on an environmental and resource policy for the municipality where the municipality’s resources will be defined and their value assessed.
  • We will manage resources with the mindset of protecting and enhancing their value and improving the quality of life of the current population, and future generations
  • We want the municipality to be at the forefront of environmental issues and aim for Rangárþing ytra to be the first municipality in the country to be carbon neutral
  • We will make a fundraising agreement with the students of the primary schools to tidy up and clean local open areas
  • We would like to establish a day where residents help out to beautify their surroundings
  • We promote waste management education with the aim of increasing recycling and reducing waste
  • We want to set up local stations in rural areas for waste containers and recycling and review waste management services